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We offer remote support and consultation via remote desktop or phone discussions for many issues. This allows us to respond quickly and resolve issues expediently, getting you back up and running.

  1. Blogs and Social media management
  2. Site design and construction
  3. Mailing lists & CRM software
  4. Cloud backup solutions
  5. Cloud sync solutions
  6. WordPress development
  7. Cloud music management
  1. Cloud photo management
  2. iCloud, Google and Dropbox expertise

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The dependence of technology at home are ever expanding and we recognize the need to keep your household computer and network running safe and smoothly. We can assist in any necessary repairs, training, upgrades and networking to optimize your space and increase your quality of life

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Running a small business is not easy. And the dependence on technology is becoming more and more essential. We will conduct a full site survey to ensure that you are protected and implementing the fundamental software and hardware for maximum productivity.

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CLOUD & WEB($80/hr)

Ready to move to the Cloud? Digital Duchess can help migrate you over to an advanced online solution to open up possibilities such as remote workplace, collaborative workspaces, and online backup solutions. This is the future of technology and a move in the right direction for you and your business.

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“Thank you so much for always being there.”

~ Bethany Olenik; Business Manager

Bethany Olenik

“Yesterday and then again today I had my two hour video conference across four continents. The conferences went very well and served the purposes I had designed for them, and get this, there was not one second of internet disconnect during the whole four hours. It made such a difference for me to focus on leading the discussions and not having to be worried about losing my connection with my clients.You are to thank for that. Thanks for not only your expertise but your responsiveness to my individual needs. It makes a huge difference.”

~ Lawrence King, author and strategic organizational planning specialist

Lawrence King

“When we first met (some 15 years) ago, I was impressed by your understanding of the internet and your ability to analyze ways to bring me up to date....Not only was this a demonstration of your intelligence, but it also showed your patience”

~ Alfred Wilkes Architect at Greenwill Development

Alfred Wilkes

“Our devices, thanks to you, are working fine. We just took them on a 11 day trip to Santiago, Chile and they performed perfectly.”

~ John and Susan Ebey, retired senior vice president of Merrill Lynch

John and Susan Ebey

“I want to thank you for all the years of prompt service and outstanding help and support. I wish you the best and you know I will miss you.”

~ Brenda Koplin, Self Employed Copy Editor

Brenda Koplin

Our Clients

Our success is based on our clients happiness and happiness to them means no computer issues. Here are a few ongoing happy people we like to call our clients.